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The SNOWBAL project is a cooperation between organizations in Sweden, Estonia and Latvia.
The project will increase awareness of sustainable agricultural methods that reduce nutrient runoff to the Baltic Sea. SNOWBAL will also show that farming, ecological functions, nature conservation and business can go hand in hand. 

SNOWBAL methods

The SNOWBAL methods utilize semi-natural grasslands and wetlands for producing products like meat and bio-energy. This is an alternative to utilizing arable land that is ploughed and heavily fertilized. SNOWBALs methods are spread through activities targeted at farmers and entrepreneurs. The methods are developed by evaluating the impact of different farming methods on biodiversity and economy based on earlier work and new data. Obstacles that hinder implementation of the methods are also identified. The results are spread to decision makers and policy makers.


Knowledge about the SNOWBAL methods will be spread to farmers, entrepreneurs and landowners through activities such as village meetings, workshops, information boards, study trips, work camps and farm visits. Economical and environmental evaluations will be made generally and on a farm level so the methods can be developed. Any problems implementing the methods will be pinpointed and solutions suggested. The results and suggestions will be used to influence policy and decision makers to increase incentives to use the SNOWBAL methods.

Location of activities

In Sweden, the activities will mainly be taking place in the coastal areas of Uppland, in the municipalities of Östhammar and Tierp. In Estonia, the main area that will be targeted are the coastal counties of Hiiumaa, Läänema and Saaremaa. In Latvia, the main areas where activities will take place are Kurzeme, Vidzeme and Riga.

Target groups

The primary target group of the project is farmers and entrepreneurs who will be encouraged to implement the SNOWBAL methods. Policy and decision makers will also be targeted to improve incentives to use the SNOWBAL methods.

Lead partner: The Uppland Foundation, Sweden

Other partners: Estonian Fund for Nature & Latvian Fund for Nature

Duration of project: June 2011- December 2013

Total project budget: 750 878 €

ERDF:  581 489 €


SNOWBAL is a cooperation between the following organizations: