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Suggested Hikes

A walk at the day trip from Marma to Älvkarleby. Foto: Karolina Vessby

Here you'll find some suggestions for one-or-two-day hikes, including information on how to get to and from the start and end points, and options for staying overnight. For maps, see the 'Trail Sections' link on the left, and choose the appropriate section of The Uppland Trail.


Day Trip: Boglösa-Lillkyrka, 7.5 km

This is a pleasant day trip that almost exclusively follows forest paths, except for the very beginning and end of this trail. Start at Boglösa church, where there is parking and a bus stop. From here, follow the road to Hånningby for about 1 km, until you get to the Uppland Trail. Then, follow section 26 southwards to Lillkyrka. 

When you reach Lillkyrka, there is a bus stop at Lillkyrka school. On weekdays, it's possible to take the bus bus from Enköping to Boglösa/Lillkyrka. You can also ride your bike along the  road between the two towns. 

Day Trip: Fjällnora-Länna, 6.5 km

This makes a fine summer outing that includes a ride on the Lennakatten heritage railway. Take the train from Uppsala Central Station to Selknä, and transfer to the heritage bus to Fjällnora. 
At other times of the year, Fjällnora can only be reached by car. 
Fjällnora is a large nature recreation area with a swimming area, walking paths, fire pits, canoe rentals, cabins, and much more. Near the parking lot, there is also a small farm with animals. 
From Fjällnora, follow section 3 of the Uppland Trail towards Länna. On the way, you'll pass the 'smultronställen' (specially chosen places) of Kolarkojan cottage in Fjällnora and Borgdalsbadet swimming area. Stop for a rest or a swim? Catch the bus from Länna back to Uppsala, or hop back on the Lennakatten (summer only). 

Day Trip: Floranslingan, 10 km 

Head to Florarna nature reserve to experience wilderness with the feeling of northern Sweden. Here you'll find vast wetlands and forests without trails. If you're lucky, you might see some of the area's wildlife. 
Start at Risön at the northern end or Stormon at the southern end, and follow section 12.2 of the Uppland Trail (see the map linked to Section 12). You'll pass several places to rest along the way. 

Day Trip: Gånsta-Boglösa, 10.5 km 

This suggested hike is Section 25 of the Uppland Trail. Start at Gånsta at the southern edge of Enköping. There is parking available at the fitness centre as well as a bus stop (Fagerudd). Follow the Uppland trail through the forest towards Boglösa. 
Section 25 ends at a long, narrow barn where the trail splits off from the road to Boglösa. Here, you should continue to follow the road about 1 km to Boglösa. To get back to Gånsta, take the bus from the stop by the church. You should check the timetable before you go, as there are just a few busses every day.

Day Trip: Länna-Almunge, 10 km

This hike is section 4 of the Uppland Trail. Bus connections are good between the two towns, so you could for example park in one town and take the bus back when you are done your hike. 
In Länna, the trail starts from Kopphagen, with a bus stop close by. In Almunge, the bus stop is by Almunge school near the end of section 4 of the trail. 

Day Trip: Lövstabruk-Österlövsta, 9 km

Take the bus or park your car at Lövstabruk, but plan enough time to take a look around the old ironworks town. There are country houses, swimming areas, cozy cafés, and handicraft shops (though most of these have only summer opening hours).  Parking is available by Barnens Bruk (children's playhouse), and the bus stop is called Lövstabruk, Herrgården. 
The hike follows section 14 of the Uppland Trail, towards Västland. After about 8 km, you will come to Österlövsta church. At this point, turn to the right off the path and follow the road to Skärplinge. Continue straight until you arrive at road 76, where there is a bus stop on the left side which will take you back to Lövstabruk. 

Day Trip: Marma-Älvkarleby, 13 km

This hike is one of the pearls of Uppland, with close contact to the Dalälven river. Follow section 16 of the Uppland Trail. 
In Marma, there is both a bus stop and a train station (Marma Centrum) to which you can take the Upptåget commuter train. The trail you will take passes a birdwatching tower and several pleasant rest areas. When you arrive in Älvkarleby, head over to Laxön's café and handicraft shops (open in the summertime). The trail ends by the bus stop at Älvkarleby Tourist Hotel. The train station is located southwest of Laxön. 

Day Trip: Skokloster-Bålsta, 22.5 km

This particular hike may be a bit long for most, but one benefit is that you can end your hike at a variety of destinations and take the bus back. The trail itself is relatively easy. 
Taking the bus or your car to Skokloster castle is recommended. From there, follow section 30 of the Uppland Trail to Häggeby, and continue on section 29 to Bålsta. 
There are bus stops at Häggeby church, Varpsund, Ekilla, Grans gård and at the hike's end in Bålsta.

Day Trip: Sunnersta-Knivsta, 16.5 km

Take the bus or your car to Sunnerstaåsen's nature recreation area where the Uppland Trail begins. Follow section 1 in to Lunsenskogen forest. Several hundred metres before Lunsentorpet cabin, the trail splits, and you'll follow section 1.1 to Knivsta. It's also possible to continue to Lunsentorpet cabin and rest a while before heading back to the turnoff. 
Section 1.1 ends at Knivsta station. Take the train from here to Uppsala, or a bus back to Sunnersta (stop at Sunnerstabacken). 

Day Trip: Sunnersta-Moralund, 10.5 km

Take the bus to Sunnerstaåsen's nature recreation area, where you'll start section 1 of the Uppland Trail which goes though Lunsenskogen forest. You'll pass both rest cabins (Lunsentorpet and Fläktanatugan) and hike along forest paths. Plan some extra time for this trip, as the ground is somewhat broken by boulders and roots. 
Past the parking lot at Nyby where section 1 ends, continue 2km along section 2 towards Moralund. There, you'll find a bus stop with busses to Knivsta or Uppsala. 

Day Trip: Torslundaslingan, 7 km

Hike a segment of the Uppland Trail along an esker, and climb to the top at Torslundagropen. This is an easy trail that begins and ends at the parking lot in Vånsjöåsen's nature reserve. The bus stop, Vånsjöbro, is located 700 m south. 

Two-Day Trip Suggestions

Two-Day Trip: Lillkyrka-Gånsta, 20 km

On this section, you can spend the night either at the hostel or camp ground in Bredsand. Starting with the longer stretch from Lillkyrka is suggested, but feel free to start in Gånsta if you wish. In Lillkyrka, you can park at the sports arena, or take the bus to Lillkyrka school (weekdays only). 
Follow section 26 of the Uppland Trail northwards to Boglösa, then continue about 5km along section 25 to Bredsand. At that point, there is a marked turnoff directing you the last stretch to Bredsand (1.5 km). The distance for Day 1 is 13.5 km. 

It's possible to follow the Uppland Trail from Bredsand along walkways and bike lanes to Gånsta, though the recommended path goes back the way you came, to the marked sign, to continue on forest paths instead. The distance for Day 2 is 6.5 km. 
From the section's end in Gånsta, you may be able to take the bus back to Lillkyrka (check the times on UL.se). Otherwise, take your bike or a taxi back to the parking at the sports arena. By car, the trip takes about 15-20 minutes (14 or so kilometres). 

Two-Day Trip: Tenasjön-Torstuna

Take the bus to Järlåsa where the Uppland Trail crosses road 72 (line 848 towards Heby, stop at Rosenbacka). Continue south along section 21 from here to the swimming area at Tenasjön lake, and follow section 22 to the beautiful Skattmansöådalen valley nature reserve. Just before reaching the end of the section, you'll pass the Stattmansö ski hill, and there is a wind shelter where you can spend the night. It is not permitted to set up your tent in this nature reserve.

On Day 2, continue past the historical stone bridge at Ytterkvarn. Then, continue about 10 kilometres to Torstuna. The trail continues on a country road in Korsbacken just west of Torstuna, where you can catch a bus to Enköping or Uppsala (stop name: Korsbacken). 

Two-Day Trip: Västland-Marma

This is a two-day hike with trails of a pleasant length. The hike follows all of section 15 of the Uppland Trail, from Västland to Marma along the Dalälven river. Accessibility by bus is very limited between the two towns, so we recommend taking the bus both to the trail head and from the trail's end.

You will start at near the bus stop at Västland church, following forest paths for about 7 km to the Honolulu cottage by Truksjön lake.  The Honolulu cottage, or Honolulukojan in Swedish, is free for public use, and you can spend the night here. On day 2, you will continue the remaining 10 km to Marma. The bus stop, 'Marma centrum,' is a few metres east of the trail's end.

Two-Day Trip: Knutby-Kasbol

A beautiful trail through wilderness, deep forests, and by lakes is what you'll find on this hike from Knutby. You'll pass through Vällnora, Bennebol's ironworks, and Pansarudden nature reserve.  This hike is recommended as a two-day trip, beginning by taking the bus to Knutby to the stop by the health care centre (vårdcentral). You can also park your car by the trail head, though getting back to Knutby from the trail's end is not very easy, and will take about two hours.

Follow section 7 of the Uppland trail from Knutby to Bennebol, and then continue along section 8. After about 18 km when you're halfway through section 8, you'll arrive at Kobol where there is a sport-fishing campground. You can spend the night here, either in a cabin or in a tent. Visit their website here.

Map of The Uppland Trail

There are two water-and-tear-resistant maps available for purchase, covering The Uppland Trail.

You can buy the maps from Biotopia museum in Uppsala or order one from us by sending an email to info@upplandsstiftelsen.se
or visit this website.

App for the Uppland Trail

There is an app covering The Uppland Trail (Upplandsleden) which is free to download. Search for Naturkartan Upplandsleden.

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