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Hike the Uppland Trail

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The Uppland Trail. Photo: Karolina Vessby


Currently, we do not recommend hiking on trail section 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. This is due to the storm Alfrida which blew down many trees in the eastern part of Uppland in January this year. Large parts of the trail are still difficult to hike. There are trees lying over the trail, trailmarkings may have disappeared and it can be difficult to find your way back to the trail when rounding larger amounts of fallen trees.  Forest companies and landowners are working hard to remove windfalls. The trail will be cleared up gradually. 

On the Uppland Trail, you'll find peaceful outdoor experiences as you explore Uppland in a relaxed and easy way. The orange trailmarkers on trees and posts will help guide you to your destination. No advanced or expensive equipment is necessary for hiking this trail – all you need is a pair of hiking boots or sturdy sneakers. However, during springtime or after heavy rainfall, rubber boots are recommended. Crossing welands and streams is made easy with plank footbridges raised above the ground. Along the way, you'll find rest areas, fire pits, swimming areas, wind shelters, and even cabins free for the public to use. Some sections have birdwatching towers, or a good place to pitch your tent. See the link to the left titled 'Trail Sections' for descriptions and map links to the different segments of the Uppland Trail.

Want something on paper? Head over to Biotopia museum and grab a brochure (Swedish), or buy the Uppland Trail water- and tear-resistant map (more info under 'Trail Sections'). See more information to the right. 

In Sweden, everyone has the right to be out in the countryside regardless of its ownership. At the same time, the right of public access requires consideration, responsibility and good judgement. You may pick flowers (the ones without protected status), wild berries, and mushrooms. You may camp for 24 hours without asking the landowner. However, you must not litter, trespass too close to private houses, damage plants or hurt animals. Nature reserves have additional rules that are posted on information signs in the area.

The essence of the right of public access concisely expressed by the phrase: ”Do not disturb, and do not destroy.”

If you want to build a fire, please use only the designated fire pits found at many of the rest areas along the trail. Please note the present fire regulations. During dry summer periods fires are not allowed at all, not even at campsites. Also note that you may use twigs and branches from the ground, but it is prohibited to take any material from living trees. Please do not forget to put out the fire properly before leaving the campsite and bring out all your garbage with you. Remeber the saying, ”Take only pictures, leave only footprints!”

Map of the Uppland Trail

There are two water- and tear-resistant maps available for purchase, covering the Uppland Trail.

You can buy the maps from Biotopia museum in Uppsala or order one from us by sending an email to info@upplandsstiftelsen.se
or visit  this webbpage.

Digital maps and app for the Uppland Trail

Maps för Upplandseden are found at the website Naturkartan.se. 

There is also a free app for smartphones called Naturkartan Upplandsleden.

Texts are so far in Swedish.

Questions or Comments?

If you have questions or comments on the Uppland Trail, feel free to contact Anders Olander, who is responsible for stewardship of the trail: