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Ancient trail

Trail through areas with many ancient remains, often with information boards.


Wooden walkway across wet or otherwise difficult to walk in areas.


Large rock.

Broadleaf trees

Trees with leaves as opposed to needles.

Burial mound

Ancient monument under which there is a grave.


An ancient mound of stones built on a grave.

Camp centre

A place where camps and other activities take place, often run by scout organisations.

Charcoal burning

The practice of burning wood to make charcoal, now largely obsolete.

Church path

A path on which people travel to church.

Clear-cut area

An area where all or almost all trees have been felled.

Coniferous trees

Trees with needles, as opposed to leaves.

Dry toilet

A toilet with no running water; a compost toilet.

Fishing license

A license needed for fishing in many places in Sweden.

Hill fort

An ancient defence structure built on a hill.


The practise of transporting logs on rivers and other waters, now largely obsolete.

Marking pole

A pole to mark a trail or location.

Mill town

A town built around a mill or other industry.

Peat harvesting

The practise of taking peat from bogs, now largely obsolete.

Pleasure ground

A location where people can go for entertainment and leisure.

Precious broadleaf trees

Broadleaf trees that are particularly valuable, ecologically or economically.

Recreation area

Outdoor area for exercise and leisure activities.

Recreation centre

Building at the centre of a recreation area.

Rest spot

A spot, often along a trail, where you can take a break.

Ridge hole lake

A lake formed in an indentation of a ridge.

Rock carving

Ancient art carved in stone.

Rune stone

Stone with ancient, carved writings.

Rural community centre

Centre for rural communities.


Small, rounded rocks.

Stone circle

Ancient monument of large stones standing in a circle.

Tied home

A home in which workers of a mill town lived, often owned by the owner of the mill.

Troll forest

Trolls are common in Swedish folklore, and a forest with a certain ancient and mysterious atmosphere can be called a ‘troll forest’.


Road or walkway below a road or railway.

Wind shelter

Simple shelter with three walls and a roof to protect from wind and rain.


Wooded area where animals graze.