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Welcome to Upplandsstiftelsen


Upplandsstiftelsen works with nature conservation, outdoor activities, and outdoor education in Uppsala County. We collaborate with many different organizations and have no personal profit interest. We are a non-profit association with Region Uppsala and all municipalities in the county as our members. 

We protect nature and promote outdoor recreation by:

  • We own and manage nature reserves. The goal is to protect and enhance the natural areas in the county and make them accessible to visitors.
  • We provide people with the opportunity to explore nature by establishing and maintaining visitor destinations, hiking trails, and canoe routes.
  • We implement practical measures across the landscape to strengthen biodiversity in cultural landscapes, forests, water and wetlands.
  • We work to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to access and enjoy nature. The goal is for the county's residents to feel good in nature throughout their lives.
  • We provide teachers and students with experiences and knowledge both in and about nature through outdoor education. 


Nature areas
Upplandsstiftelsen manages 10,700 hectares of nature, divided into 48 areas. The managed area is divided into 48 nature areas, of which 26 are nature reserves, and one is a cultural reserve.

The areas have a wide variety of habitat types and character, from forest to islands in the Dalälven river, coastal and archipelago environments, cultural landscapes and land for camping facilities. The aim is to protect valuable nature, develop biological values and make it accessible to the public.

In areas suitable for outdoor recreation, there are car parks, paths, toilets and fireplaces with wood. We also make nature more accessible through bird towers, shelters, and wheelchair-accessible trails.

In several of the areas, there are opportunities to camp or spend the night in cabinsRullsands Camping, Ängskärs Camping, and Rävstens Stugby provide opportunities for nature experiences along the coast.


The 55-mile long hiking trail, Upplandsleden, meanders from the bays of Lake Mälaren in the south to the archipelago of the Dalälven River in the north. It offers rich nature experiences and opportunities for many different types of hikes.  The management of the trail is based on extensive cooperation between the Uppland Foundation, landowners, municipalities, contractors and volunteers. 

The cultural landscape of Uppland has a rich diversity of flower-rich meadows. The fields have been grazed for hundreds of years. We work with farmers and livestock owners by providing advice, restoration and management of valuable pastures and hayfields. The aim is to promote biodiversity, disseminate knowledge and contribute to rural development.


Water and wetlands
Over the last hundred years, the Baltic Sea has undergone significant deterioration, which is clearly visible in sensitive coastal environments. The Uppland Foundation works to strengthen fish populations on the coast. We inventory valuable spawning and nursery areas for fish. The ambition is to protect the most important areas for fish fry. Upplandstiftelsen (The Uppland Foundation) also creates new wetlands and removes barriers to migration in coastal watercourses.

Uppland has a wide variety of forest types. Here you will find everything from northern coniferous forests to almost pure deciduous forests. Some forest types are relatively unique to the country, such as limestone coniferous forest and floodplain forest.

Through management and protection, we work to strengthen biodiversity in the forest. In various projects, we try to find effective methods and good partners. We work both on our own land and in collaboration with other landowners.


Endangered species
Protecting endangered species and managing their habitats is at the heart of nature conservation. Certain endangered species and biotopes require specific action for various reasons. The Uppland Foundation has, in collaboration with authorities, forest companies and local landowners, worked for several years to improve the conditions for endangered species in the county.


Public health in nature
Being in nature is good for our health, and it's fun to be outside together. Our activities to promote public health range from the youngest children to the oldest elderly people – and everyone in between. By working on projects with other organisations, we are helping to make it possible for more people to feel good in nature! Our approach is to work with different stakeholders to find opportunities for our partners to spend time in local nature on a daily basis. With activities together and training for staff, we are building up permanent outdoor activities.

Outdoor education
Through outdoor education, we want to give students and teachers both experiences and knowledge in nature. The Uppland Foundation is a resource for preschools and schools in Uppsala County. We run development projects with all the different year groups in the school and organise training days and meetings for teachers. Everything we do is based on the curriculum and “learning by doing”.

Welcome out into the nature!

More information can be found in Naturkartan.se/en
Questions: info@upplandsstiftelsen.se


Hiking the Uppland Trail will provide you with a peaceful outdoor experience. More information here.