Welcome to Rävsten holiday village

Photo: Bergslagsbild

Rävsten is a small idyllic island southeast of Gräsö. Visit the island for the day or rent a cabin and stay a little longer. The island offers both forests, cliffs and open fields with grazing animals. Here you can also rent a kayak and do a tour in Gräsös beautiful archipelago!

The holiday village is open all year round.


We have 18 self-catered cabins containing 4–9 beds and respective outhouses. All cabins are equipped with electrical heating, stove, oven, and refrigerator with freezer.

To spare the environment, water and sewage systems have not been pulled into the cabins. Waterposts can be found between the cabins. Garbage is recycled. Smoking is not allowed in any cabin.

Showers, sauna, and phonebooths can be found on the main part of the island.

Kalle and Klara's house, 9 + 8 beds

Kalle och Klara's house at Rävsten. Photo: Jan Lundqvist

The old manor located on the center of the island is where the previous owners, Kalle and Klara, lived and farmed until 1958. It contains two separate apartments, one on each floor, with a living area of 70 m and an external staircase leading up to the second floor. The apartment on the bottom floor includes 9 beds while the upper floor contains 8 beds. Both apartments are equipped with electrical heating, lighting, stove, oven, and refrigerator with freezer.

The apartments can be booked separately.


 KoKn_int_2.JPG KoKn_int_4.JPG KoKn_int_3.JPG

Kalle and Klara's house floor 1 has 9 beds in 3 bedrooms.

DSC_0766.JPG DSC_0772.JPG  DSC_0769.JPG

Kalle and Klara's house floor 2 has 8 beds in 4 bedrooms.

Floor plan Kalle och Klara's house


Floor 1


Floor 2

Palms house, 8 beds


Palm's house at Rävsten.

Palm’s house is an older two-storey house with slanted roof containing 8 beds; 3 beds on the bottom floor and 5 beds on the top floor. The living area is 80 m and includes a very steep staircase up to the second floor. It is equipped with electrical heating, lighting, stove, oven, and refrigerator with freezer. This house used to accommodate summer guests during its private lodging.

DSC_7518.JPG DSC_7519.JPG

The kitchen in Palm's house.


Floor 1 in Palm's house.

DSC_7521.JPG DSC_7523.JPG

Floor 2 in Palm's house.

Floor plan in Palm's house


Fish-cabins, 6 beds

Fish-cabin at Rävsten. Photo: Birgitta Söderberg

Abborren (The perch), Gäddan (The pike), Laxen (The salmon) and Ålen (The eel) are charming log cabins containing 6 beds. They were built in 1967 and have a living area of 36 m. Each cabin is equipped with electrical heating, lighting, stove, oven, refrigerator and freezer.


Floor plan in Fish-cabins


Tree-cabins, 6 beds

Tree-cabin at Rävsten. Photo: Jan Lundqvist

Björken (The birch), Eken (The oak), Granen (The spruce), Rönnen (The rowan) and Tallen (The pine) are 6-bed cabins with one larger and smaller bedroom. They were built in 1984–85 and have a living area of 42 m2. Equipped with electrical heating, lighting, stove, oven, and refrigerator with freezer.


Floor plan Tree-cabins


Bird-cabins, 4 beds


Bird-cabin at Rävsten.

Berguven (The eagle owl), Ejdern (The eider), Höken (The hawk), Måsen (The seagull), Skraken (The goosander) and Örnen (The eagle) are 4-bed cabins built in 1962 and renovated in 1999. They have a living area of 24 m2  and are equipped with electrical heating, lighting, stove, oven, and refrigerator with freezer. Berguven is suitable for allergy sufferers as no pets are allowed.


Floor plan Bird-cabins


Party and weddings


If you are interested in a wedding or birthday celebration in the Swedish archipelago, come to us at Rävsten!

We offer catering services for breakfast, lunch and dinner depending on your specific needs. Our facility can seat up to 30 people and is suitable for all festivities such as reunions, formal dinners and meetings.

Prices are quoted at the time of booking.

Group activities


Bring your family, company or group of friends out on a fishing trip

  • Sauna and outdoor hot bath barrel.
  • We offer meals per your request.
  • Full or half-day outing for ex. herring in early summer, pike, perch etc.
  • We tailor conference packages suited to your needs.
  • Kayaking, paddle the archipelago with our without a guide.
  • Nature walks and more
  • Boat tour around the archipelago.

For quotes or questions regarding pricing please contact us on info@ravsten.se

or by phone 0046-(0)763 360 188.


DSC_0205.JPGPhoto: Kerstin Söderberg


If You arrive by car
From Uppsala, drive road number 288 towards Östhammar.
Continue past Östhammar on the road 76 about ten kilometers and turn right towards Öregrund. In Öregrund follow the signs leading You to the ferry to Gräsö. The ferry (Gräsöleden, follow the link to see the timetable in Swedish) is free of charge. Then take the ferry from Öregrund to the island of Gräsö (normally the ferry leaves every half an hour from Öregrund).

On Gräsö, please turn right at the first intersection and drive towards Äspskäret. Follow the road for ten kilometers and You arrive to Äspskär pier which is the end of the road. Our taxi boat will pick You up at Äspskär pier. You have to book the taxi boat in advance by calling +0046-(0)763 360 188 or sending an email to info@ravsten.se.


Kom till Rävsten

Buss=Bus, Vägfärja Gräsöleden= Big ferry that brings cars from Öregrund to Gräsö (free of charge).  Passbåt=Taxi boat to Rävsten.

Contact us


Kerstin and Thomas runs Rävstens stugby.

Do you have questions regarding booking of accommodation or any form of arrangement on Rävsten?

You can reach us by phone 0046-(0)763 360 188 or via info@ravsten.se.

Mailing address
Rävstens stugby

Rävsten 121

742 96 Gräsö