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The Uppland Foundation, or 'Upplandsstiftelsen', was founded in 1972 by Uppsala county council and Uppland's municipalities to promote nature management and outdoor life.

The Foundation runs a number of projects, which both promote nature management and outdoor pursuits. We own and/or manage more than 30 nature areas in the county, half of which are nature reserves. The aim of managing these nature areas is both for good nature management and for the creation of areas that are attractive for outdoor activities. In some of these areas, there are camping sites or cabins.

The Uppland Foundation is also responsible for the county's walking trail, the Uppland Trail, and for three canoeing trails.

Through our nature school, we stimulate teachers and school groups to do more outdoor activities.

Another important part of our work is to spread knowledge about the county's nature, nature management and possibilities for outdoor pursuits. This is done through brochures and pamphlets, on our web page, and at Biotopia (Uppsala's biology museum).

Our work is financed through a yearly fee from the county council and Uppland´s municipalities, assignments, project funds and other contributions.

Hiking the Uppland Trail will provide you with a peaceful outdoor experience. More information here.


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